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Robert Zirgulis
                           "Mr. Z"
zirgulisr@yahoo.com Phone: 310 486-7408
Robert Zirgulis is Talking about a New Direction for Culver City Schools
 Dear Culver City Residents,
 As your neighbor and friend I am seeking election to the Culver City Unified School District board. I am ready to tackle the most challenging issues facing us today in our school district. When you pick up your ballot to vote on Nov 5th, you will have a clear choice to change Culver City’s future. Over the next four years big decisions will be made in Culver City. These decisions will have a huge impact on our lives and on the lives of our children for decades to come. On Nov. 5 the choice you make won't just be for the three school board seats. It will be a choice for a New Direction in Culver City. We can work together for the community. We can be united for the children of Culver City. With your vote I will fight to ensure that every child has the opportunity to achieve his or her fullest potential. I will also fight to ensure that the staff and teachers are fairly compensated for the outstanding work they do. Our facilities must be upgraded, expanded and modernized. We must make the investment required to build and maintain a world class school system for the benefit of the entire Culver City community.
I’m committed to work collaboratively and civilly with my fellow board members to achieve these goals.
Please support me on November 5.
Robert Zirgulis
*Zirgulis brings fresh innovative problem solving solutions to the budget crisis that threatens the viability of our school system.
*He has the determination and fortitude to initiate programs and policies that will make Culver City the district in the state.
*As the best candidate for School Board,  he will generate fresh innovative ideas, entrepreneurial spirit, and to combat the dire budget problems facing the Culver City Unified School District. 
*He is a prudent fiscal manager and will  bring a diverse background of real world experiences as a teacher, entrepreneur, and realtor.
*He is for advancing and promoting the quality of education while holding the line on spending. For example, he will stop the  district from wasting millions of dollars on excessive attorney and consultant fees.
* As a substitute teacher , he has a broader understanding of what has been happening in our schools because I have taught every grade from K-12 and been in virtually every class throughout  the school district.
*As a previous candidate for School Board, Zirgulis supported Measure EE which raised $6,ooo,ooo for our schools.
*He wanted to raise $3,000,000,000 statewide for our schools by supporting an oil extraction tax on oil companies paying zero taxes in California.
*He wants to encourage entrepreneurial initiative by supporting practical experiences through internships.
*Education: Masters in  Business CSUN,  Public Service BA, UCLA
* Culver City resident since 1984.
Please contact: zirgulisr@yahoo.com; 310-486-7408, www.robertzirgulis.vpweb.com
Please send donations to: 
Robert Zirgulis for Culver City School Board 2013 (campaign #1358182)
4241 Baldwin Ave., Culver City, Ca. 90232
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