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Robert Zirgulis

                           "Mr. Z"


Phone: 310 486-7408

*Zirgulis brings fresh innovative problem solving solutions to the budget crisis that threatens the viability of our school system.

*He has the determination and fortitude to initiate programs and policies that will make Culver City the best school district in the state.

As the best candidate for School Board, I will generate fresh innovative ideas, entrepreneurial spirit, and creative solutions to combat the dire budget problems facing the Culver City Unified School District. 

I am a prudent fiscal manager and will  bring a diverse background of real world experiences as a teacher, entrepreneur, and realtor.

I’m for advancing and promoting the quality of education while holding the line on spending. For example, I will stop the  district from wasting millions of dollars on excessive attorney and consultant fees.

 As a substitute teacher, I have a broader understanding of what has been happening in our schools because I have taught every grade from K-12 and been in virtually every class throughout  the school district.

As a previous candidate for School Board I supported Measure EE which raised $6,ooo,ooo for our schools.
I want to raise $3,000,000,000 statewide for our schools by supporting an oil extraction tax on oil companies paying zero taxes in California.

I want to encourage entrepreneurial initiative by supporting practical experiences through internships and vocational training.

Academics: Master of Science Business CSUN,  Public Service BA, UCLA
 Culver City resident since 1984.

Please contact me: zirgulisr@yahoo.com; 310-486-7408, www.robertzirgulis.vpweb.com

Please send donations to: 

Robert Zirgulis for Culver City School Board 2011 (campaign #1339998)
4241 Baldwin Ave., Culver City, Ca. 90232

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